The 2012 F1 Season thus far at a glimpse…

So, 7 races completed…7 different winners; It’s difficult to describe and sum up the 2012 F1 season thus far. We’ve seen victors, we’ve seen losers…we’ve seen technical wizardry as well as freak fires…and more importantly, we’ve seen past champions defend their honour, and new ones begin to emerge. What else could possibly lie in store for us over the coming months?

In the past, F1 critics have always shed light on the level of competitiveness and how domineering one team could be. We’ve witnessed teams like McLaren, Red Bull Racing and most of all, Ferrari, dominate whole seasons leaving others in a cloud of their dust. This season, however, has given birth to a new era of Formula 1 Motorsport. For the 1st time since the mid to late 1980’s we’re witnessing almost all teams gunning for the number one spot.

The 2012 season has seen the top 16 drivers gunning for the top spot every race.

With the first 7 completed and 13 to go, it’s still very early days in the season. Based on what we’ve seen and how tides have turned for all teams, anything could happen. Combining the amount of talent as well as 6 past and present champions together with new rules and regulations, gone are the days of one team being the dominant force in F1. McLaren, Ferrari, Lotus, Mercedes GP, Red Bull Racing, Sauber, Williams, Force India…all of these teams have found themselves in a very real position to win races, take big points and gun for the top spot.

Lotus Renault F1 Team,,,one of the newer and more successful contenders for 2012, a force to be reckoned with.

With the Drivers and constructors points table changing every single race meeting due to the level of racing from all…it seems that this 2012 season is destined to be one of the greatest in history. The level of competition couldn’t be any closer, and the desire from the contenders could not be any greater…

We now look forward to race 8, the European Grand Prix in Valencia…22-24 June. Be sure to check out Practice on Friday and Sat morning, with Qualifying the sat afternoon. Race day is on Sunday 24 June, be sure not to miss it…because it’s sure to be another cracker!


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