The Gear Shift and take on Street 2 Strip!

This coming friday, 1 June 2012, Killarney Raceway Cape Town will be hosting yet another episode of their highly successful open drags event…Street 2 Strip. This edition promises to be one for the history books, as both The Gear Shift’s and’s Mascots take to the Drag strip for some 400m action.

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The New BMW M3: The benchmark returns!

Characteristics of the new BMW M3…awesome, awesome and even more awesome! The latest champion from the BMW M-Power skunkworks makes its way to our shores in early 2014, and we can be sure to expect a whole lot of punch from this beast.

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My Top 10 cars – The Ultimate Garage

Each and everyone of us out there has that special selection of cars that we just have to have. Catering for all functions and situations that we find ourselves in through our lives, there’s that perfect set of wheels to do the job, which together forms our ultimate garage….this is mine.

1. Pagani Zonda R

The racer…Ultra fast, superior handling ability, no holds barred, a masterclass in racing machinery. Don’t waste my time at the lights please… Continue reading